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Greensock no working to export to .exe

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I am creating a CD (offline) for my customers


I am using TweenMax (last version) for some animations and trasitions


When I export to .exe my work (with Flash Player), the animations created with TweenMax NO working


I like me some help, thanks

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Are you getting any compile errors? Can you post a very simple FLA that we can publish on our end to see the problem? It sounds like maybe you don't have the GreenSock files in the right spot when you're publishing (total guess). Are you using the correct flavor (AS2 or AS3)?

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Please make sure you download and use the latest version of the AS2 files. The files you posted seemed to be missing several assets (like adspanel.swf) so I'm having a difficult time verifying that things aren't working. Could you just create a very simple (separate) FLA that only does a simple tween and let us know if that works for you?


And again, please make sure you get the latest files from the web site today: http://www.greensock.com/v12/

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