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Problem with panel-based flick scrolling and Flick-scrolling

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Hello everybody!


I have a problem. I'm trying to do a menu with panel-based flick scrolling and Flick-scrolling into the panels, but I need control the flick scrolling in the panels.


Can anyone help me?


My file is here. You can wath my problem.




Thank you for your help and sorry for my English

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I took at look at your file. I think nesting flick scrolling like that is going to be a challenge.


I don't know how you are going to programmatically distinguish if the user is intending to move the content of a panel up and down or all of the panels left and right while they are dragging slowly.


Let's just say the user starts in the upper right hand corner and slowly drags down and left. What should happen? Should the panels shift to the left while the content of the current panel moves down? Or should only the content of the panel move down? or should only the panel slide left?


I think what you should experiment with is making sure that the content of a panel scrolls up and down only while dragging. During slow drag make sure there is no movement along the x axis. If movement along the x axis is detected at a fast velocity and great distance then trigger a flick to the next panel.


for instance imagine each panel contains a very long list of items. while scrolling up and down, i'm sure there will be some slight motion of the pointer/mouse left to right, but I doubt the user intends for the panels to shift laterally while scrolling up and down. In your current example I can try to flick down, but often the next panel to the left or right moves into position.


Unfortunately there isn't a lot we can do to figure this all out for you. I think its going to take a good deal of trial and error and you are going to have to play with the numbers that determine whether or not the user intended a left to right flick.

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Thank you very much for your answer.


I've programmed some performances and It works fine now.


Thank you very very much

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