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Preload Images : Image Gallery / SlideShow with GSAP Tutorial

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There have been a number of posts here about various ways to preload images or build dynamic slideshows with the javascript version of GSAP.


Please check out this tutorial by Michael from nightlycoding.com. He did an excellent job:



Keep an eye on him. He has a number of GreenSock tutorials.


Very cool.




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Thanks Carl, even though PreloadJS is still in early version and could use some extra functions its still a great tool for loading dynamic images and keeping track of progress.

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Is there a plan to build a LoaderMax javascript equivalent?

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Hi Jermbo,


Welcome to the GreenSock Support forums.


We have recieved a number of requests for LoaderMax JS so it is definitely on our radar. 

Currently, and into the foreseeable future, our focus is going to be on animation.



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