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bezierThrough with transformMatrix skew

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is it possible to tween skew and use the bezierThrough plugin at the same time?

The following structure doesn't work, just skewing the object:


TweenMax.to (_rootRef.logo_01, 1, {transformMatrix:{skewY:30}, bezierThrough:[{x:251, y:247}, {x:305, y:265}, {x:386, y:278}], delay:0.5, ease:Cubic.easeInOut});

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Solved. I used bezierThrough on movieclip and skewed the content.


TweenMax.to (_rootRef.logo_01, 1, {bezierThrough:[{x:251, y:247}, {x:305, y:265}, {x:386, y:278}, {x:484, y:282, scaleX:1, scaleY:1}], startAt:{scaleX:0.3, scaleY:0.8}, ease:Quad.easeInOut});
TweenMax.from (_rootRef.logo_01.getChildAt (0), 1, {transformMatrix:{skewY2:40}, ease:Quad.easeInOut});


Wondering, is this the only way?

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That is a fine solution. And just so you understand why you couldn't use transformMatrix and bezier at the same time:


transformMatrix tween will affect all of the DisplayObject's transform properties, so do not use it in conjunction with regular x/y/scaleX/scaleY/rotation tweens concurrently.



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