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Greensock / Tweening and Flash Builder 4.7 (Air 3.4)

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Hi everyone!


I'm just here to talk about a small error I found when I use Flash Builder 4.7 (beta), with Air3.4 SDK. With the new ASC2 (more infos here: http://www.bytearray.org/?p=4789), the "goto" ref is now not allow.

So in the file "TimelineLite.as" by exemple, this function will return an error :


public function goto(timeOrLabel:*, suppressEvents:Boolean=true):void {
 setTotalTime(parseTimeOrLabel(timeOrLabel), suppressEvents);


So, you can comment this line (if you don't use goTo of course...), and it will work.

Maybe we can have more information on this for the futur?

Just said that for the next v12 of Greensock Plateform!



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I just wanted to write something here, because FB 4.7 is now live(beta), and I think a lots of people will find this same error! But v12 is already here too...! Just matter of time to completly switch!

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