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tint filter AND glow filter together, but with different colors. Possible?

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Hi, simple problem. I want to tint a movieclip a solid color AND apply a glow around it of a different color. But the problem right now is that my tint is overtaking the color applied to my glow. So everything ends up colored by the tint.


Here is the tween I am creating:


TweenMax.to($d, .5, {glowFilter: { color:0x00ffff, alpha:1, blurX:7, blurY:7, strength:7 }, colorTransform:{tint:0xffffff, tintAmount:1}});


The tween should tint the object (represented here as $d ) white and do a turquoise glow around it. Any idea why its not doing it and how I can fix it? Thanks in advance!



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That will also happen when you apply the filters in the UI. Try putting the tinted MC inside another MC and applying the glow.

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hmmmm you're right. Is there any other filter I can use to give me a tint effect that won't do this? I'm trying to create a preset type animation that can apply for many clips so I want to avoid having to require my object to have some sort of hiearchy of clips inside of it. Any ideas would be apprecaited thanks!

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Unfortunately that's just how Flash works - a tint applies to ALL pixels of the object (even its filters). That has nothing to do with TweenLIte/Max specifically. Nesting is probably the only realistic option.

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Sorry for the not-quite-pseudo-code nature of this, but I only have a few minutes before I leave.


* Find clip [myclip] that needs tint and glow.

* Store myclip.parent, myclip.x and myclip.y in variables and then removeChild(myclip)

* Create new sprite/movieclip [myclip2]

* Set myclip2.x/y from the variables

* addChild(myclip) to myclip2

* addChild(myclip2) to myclip's original parent

TweenMax.to(myclip2, .5, {glowFilter: { color:0x00ffff, alpha:1, blurX:7, blurY:7, strength:7 }});
TweenMax.to(myclip, .5, {colorTransform:{tint:0xffffff, tintAmount:1}});


You will need to change references to myclip to now reference myclip2, so this may not be ideal depending on how your program is setup. If this doesn't make enough sense I can revise it later.

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Yep, it looks like you have the general idea. Let us know if you run into any trouble.

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