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Unwanted skew of object when tweening

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Hello all,


I have a timeline based animated movie clip that I am trying to tween the position of with TweenLite. When I do so I get an unwanted skewing of the object. Ive tried to find a simple of way of fixing it but I can't.


Carl thought it may have something to do with the 3d perspective and the objects relationship to the camera (Thanks for the heads up Carl).


Thank you in advance.



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I'm sure the tweening engine isn't causing the issue, and Carl is probably right but I'm not sure because you didn't provide any sample FLA or code or anything. If it's a perspective thing, I suppose you'd either need to not use 3D transforms or you'd need to move the perspective origin at the same time as you're tweening. Or maybe adjust the 3d perspective so that the focal length is huge so that you don't really notice much of a difference while tweening even though it is technically changing the perspective. Just a few guesses. Hope that nudges you in the right direction.

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Thank you for the advice; I'll look into this now. Sorry for the lack of a coded example though.


Thanks again,



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You were right of course! I just needed to change the Perspective angle of the movieclip in the 3D Position and view settings. Until now, I didnt even know they existed.





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