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Tweening Starling color property

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So I need to just tween a color property of a Starling Display Object, but can't figure a way to do it with multiple objects. Right now, I have it working, but it only works on one TweenMax at a time as I need to assign it to a variable in order to get the current progress. Is there a way I could modify the TweenMax.to() function to get it to tween hex numbers correctly?


onUpdate: tweenColorUpdate,
onUpdateParams: [b, b.color, 0xB2B2B2]

private function tweenColorUpdate(b:BlueCube, fromColor:Number, toColor:Number):void {
  b.color = DataModel.interpolateColor(fromColor, toColor, cubeColorTweenMax.currentProgress);

public static function interpolateColor(fromColor:uint, toColor:uint, progress:Number):uint {
  var q:Number = 1-progress;
  var fromA:uint = (fromColor >> 24) & 0xFF;
  var fromR:uint = (fromColor >> 16) & 0xFF;
  var fromG:uint = (fromColor >>  8) & 0xFF;
  var fromB:uint =  fromColor		& 0xFF;
  var toA:uint = (toColor >> 24) & 0xFF;
  var toR:uint = (toColor >> 16) & 0xFF;
  var toG:uint = (toColor >>  8) & 0xFF;
  var toB:uint =  toColor		& 0xFF;

  var resultA:uint = fromA*q + toA*progress;
  var resultR:uint = fromR*q + toR*progress;
  var resultG:uint = fromG*q + toG*progress;
  var resultB:uint = fromB*q + toB*progress;
  var resultColor:uint = resultA << 24 | resultR << 16 | resultG << 8 | resultB;
  return resultColor;

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I'm not a Starling guy, but couldn't you just use the hexColors plugin? Like:

TweenMax.to(target, 1, {hexColors:{color:0xB2B2B2}});


And don't forget to activate the HexColorsPlugin first like:


(you only need to activate once)


You don't need to do RGBA (alpha included), do you?

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Oh yes, that works. Thanks man. I never knew about that plugin. Should've looked harder. :)

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