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Can we have a custom mask? Instead of the default rectangle?


Can we have two different bounding box? One for the mask relative to the image. One for the image relative to the mask.


Thanks again

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And last thing, you forgot compatibility with Flex components (crop.as).


if (parent.hasOwnProperty("addElementAt")) { //for Flex compatibility (spark)


} else {


_target.parent.addChildAt(this, targetIndex+1);

_target.parent.addChildAt(_mask, targetIndex+1);





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Oh, were you trying to use Crop.as in Flex? No need - that's exactly why I created FlexCrop :)


As for the other custom functionality you mentioned, you're welcome to add that yourself (it isn't supported natively). Keep in mind that Crop and FlexCrop were intended to be simply examples of how you could implement cropping behavior. Think of them as a jumping-off point. TransformManager drives everything under the hood anyway.

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