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FP11.3 plugin dropping frames? (Mac, Safari, Chrome, FF)

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Hello Rockstarrs,


I wrote this dynamic mp3 visualizer almost a year - and it worked wonderfully. Then recently I went back to it and it stutter steps and drops frames.


The only things that have changed on my end, Mountain Lion (but i noticed it even before with Lion), FP11.3.


So I recompiled the SWF, opened the SWF and everything as fine! Then opened it in the browser - same issue…


Uninstalled Flash Player, reset Safari, Chrome, FireFox, repaired disk permissions systemwide, reinstalled Flash - no love. Made sure I had the most current version of GreenSock and swfObject, still nothing better...


Attached are screenshots of exactly what I'm talking about, and here's a link to the project live. Let me know if you're seeing everything correctly, or if yours, like mine is slicing and dicing the visual...








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It looks like a FP 11.3 issue. When I tested in a browser with an older version (11.1), I didn't see any slicing/dicing. I heard rumors of some other really nasty slowdowns with NetStreams (I think) in 11.3 as well. Thanks Adobe!

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