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Get a refernce to the manager from the item

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What is the simplest way to get a reference to the manager from an item (that is managed)


ie I have several managers...

add an item to a manager, then later I have an action from that item, and want to get a reference to its manager (parent?)


Any ideas?





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In all these years, you're the first to ask for this :) I've never seen a need for it, but I can see now how it might be useful in some cases so I just uploaded an update to TransformManager that has a "manager" getter. Does that suffice? Just log into your GreenSock account to get the latest version. https://www.greensock.com/account/

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Hi Jack



That's saved me a few hours of headscratching...

BTW, I checked the source code.

It was an interesting experience to see how code SHOULD be written :)

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