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TweenMax size doesn't change even after I comment out plugins

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I have a banner add that's about 34kb, so I've got 6kb to spare. Is it possible to add in blurFilter and only blurFilter? I tried commenting out the plugins from TweenMax.as, but it still bumps my file up to 46kb, before and after.


PS. I'm on 11.691 (AS2)

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Are you using other features of TweenMax other than the BlurFilterPlugin?



TweenMax File size added to compressed SWF: About 8.7kb (base), or 17.6kb with default plugins and OverwriteManager


TweenLite File size added to compressed SWF: about 4.7kb


So even TweenMax totally stripped down is going to put you over the 40kb limit.


Have you tried using TweenLite and importing and activating only the BlurFilterPlugin?


import com.greensock.TweenLite;
import com.greensock.plugins.*; // only plugins that are used get imported



Although it takes more work, the features of TweenMax can be simulated with TweenLite.


What specific to TweenMax do you need to do other than using BlurFilter? If you need help converting back to TweenLite for a particular feature let us know.

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