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Where did ProgressCircleMax go

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I'm trying to accomplish the ProgressCircleMax like in the example on loadermax and I do see the circle in the example, so I was wondering how could I use it?



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Hi Movzz,


Welcome to the forums and the wonderful world of LoaderMax.


ProgressCircleLite and Max ProgressCircleLite were only intended for use in official GreenSock demos and are not an official part of the GreenSock Animation Platform. There was an effort made to communicate this in the source code of the demos (ProgressCircleLite.as) but it is understandable if you missed that.


/** This class is not finalized yet and is only intended for use in GreenSock demos. **/


In short, there isn't any documentation or support offered for them. They were created in an experimental fashion simply to illustrate an interesting way of responding to and visualizing the loading progress of various loaders.


If you happen to have the demo files that use ProgressCircleLite/Max you will see how they are implemented and can also view their source actionscript files.


You can use them at your own risk, but there is no guarantee that they will continue to work in current or future versions of the platform.


Thank you for expressing you interest in these tools. If there is anything we can do to help you with learning about the core functionality and inner workings of LoaderMax please let us know.





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