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60fps breaks mouse tracking?

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Wasn't sure where else to ask this, and it's inked to GS so here we go.


The example panel scroller on the Throwprops page, it's breaking for me if I run it at 60fps. At 30fps it's fine, anything above 30fps and the tracking of the mouse seems to break.


I'm interested to understand why.

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Hey Mr. Empty,


Do you mean that you totally lose mouse responsiveness? is it just "kind of laggy"?



I just downloaded the example, cranked the framerate to 60 and I can't detect any noticeable degradation in mouse responsiveness. I know that Jack specifically tuned his mouse-movement detection script to account for high frame rates. Surprised that you are having issues.


I really don't know what to advise. :|


Any more info you can share? Does it happen when viewing your swf in a browser? all browsers? what version of the flash player?

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