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SlideShow Example: centering images in _imageContainer

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Wondering if anyone can help. Driving myself nuts :(


I've been reengineering the slideshow example to load my own images of different sizes with fluid layout.

When I take out the width and height from the images size correctly but they are all left aligned. Is it possible to center them with in the container or stage?




new ImageLoader("assets/images/" + image.@name + ".jpg", {name:image.@name + "Image",   scaleMode:"proportionalInside", bgAlpha:0, bgColor:0x000000, estimatedBytes:820000, onFail:_imageFailHandler}) 

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here is a simple equation for centerting one object in relation to another object:



objectToBeCenterd.x = ((referenceObject.width - objectToBeCentered.width)/2 ) + referenceObect.x;


imagine you have a simple box mc on the stage and you want it horizontally centered:


mc.x = ((stage.stageWidth-mc.width)/2 ) + stage.x

*in the case of aligning to stage, stage.x isn't really necessary as it will most likely always be 0.



the above equation assumes that both objects have their registration points set to upper left


I don't know how you have re-engineered the example, but hopefully that gives you some idea of how to center one object in relation to another. As long as you know the width of both items it shouldn't be too bad.

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