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Padding for text item selection

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Hi Jack


I was wondering if you knew of an elagant way to increase the padding selection for a transformItem that has selectable text.


Just the way you have it for paddingForRotation would be so handy !



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That isn't something I thought anyone would really want to change, but you can edit line 1400 and replace the "10" with whatever thickness you want:


_edges.graphics.lineStyle(10, 0xFF0000, 0, false, "none");

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Great !

The demand originated from an user, and it does make sense in my scenario :


User has abitilty to zoom in on the textitem, but the line thickness isn't increased, resulting in a small rollover area...

For a selectable text, the noob user could indeed have trouble picking the movable area


It could also be of interest for mobile use ...


Thanks for the tip!

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