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How to add text at run time in blitmask

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i am download a sample code from snorkl.tv slot machine

i am as per my trying i want to add another text or may replace one number at run time

for example at run time i want to change 3->11 so how i do in this sample i try but its not change at run time

so please help me in this blitmask animation




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HI, I saw your question on snorkl.tv. Sorry for the delay I usually take a break on weekends.


I am not understanding fully what you need help with. Do you want us to provide code that re-sorts the numbers for you? Or do you need to know how to update the BlitMask once that happens?

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i mean in your code has 1-10 numbers

i am call my web-service that return one number that number i want to update in number list

suppose web-service return 11 then i want to update any number in list

so how i do that


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If you use dynamic textfields for all the numbers you will be able to change each number in the list with code.


rough code:

strip1.num3_mc.label_txt.text = 11;
blitmask1.update(null, true);


my file doesn't use dynamic textfields so you would have to make some revisions

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