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Any plans for a JS version of TransformManager?

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Hi Jack,


Just wondering if you had any plans on creating a JS equivalent to TransformManager in addition to the newly released Tween library.




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Very possible in the distant future, yes, but there aren't any immediate plans to do that because the animation platform is a big priority right now. Thanks for the suggestion; consider officially on the future to-do list :)

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2nd that request!!!! - and btw - thank you!!!!

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Just in case anyone else is looking for something similar, I did find JS Library that offers similar functionality through the HTML5 Canvas tag:


Fabric.js Javascript Canvas Library


Its a bit clunky but its got a lot of the basic functionality you'd need to get started. Obviously doesn't have the spit-polish that Greensock has - but so far I've been impressed.

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Fabric.js does look nice indeed, but I back up the request :)

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