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Prevent constaining object dimensions to TransformManager bounds

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I am using the FlexTransformManager and I want to be able to scale objects to any size includind larger than the FlexTransformManager container. I have tried setting the 'bounds' parameter to null but I am still restricted to the FlexTranformManager dimensions.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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So you set bounds = null? And did you set clipContent=false on the container?

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Thank you, but I tried:


transformManager.bounds = null;

transformManager.clipContent = false;


And the transform item is still contrained to the FlexTransformManager dimensions. Any other ideas?

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Are you using an outdated version maybe? Please make sure you've got the latest version and try again. If it still isn't working, please send me a very simple example demonstrating the issue so that I can publish your file on my end and see what's going on.

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Indeed. I was using 1.965 (2012-01-23). Updating to 1.9663 (2012-05-15) fixed the issue. Thanks for the quick response!

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