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Stuttering of animation due to CPU intensive operation

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My animation (a rotating loading indicator) occasionally stalls as my app is processing some code. Is there a way to avoid this? Is there a way to make the animation run on the GPU rather than the CPU? Any ideas are welcomed!





Below is the code that I run. The displayObject "_spCenter" is a circular loading indicator:

private function rotate():void {
  if(_tween == null || !_tween.active){
  _tween = new TweenLite(_spCenter, .6, {rotation: 355, ease: Linear.easeInOut, onComplete:rotate});

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nope. if flash is processing an intensive amount of code the next frame will not render until that code is processed.


I am not aware of any work-arounds for this.

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What about Stage3D? Is that something to look into?

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I doubt Stage3D will solve your problem or that the rotation is really the source anyway, but I will point out that using TransformMatrixPlugin to do the rotation may be a bit smoother - see the interactive example at http://www.greensock.com/tweening-tips/ (first tip)

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