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convert hexadecimal number color values to strings for css

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This thread was started before GSAP 3 was released. Some information, especially the syntax, may be out of date for GSAP 3. Please see the GSAP 3 migration guide and release notes for more information about how to update the code to GSAP 3's syntax. 

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I was recently converting a Flash project over to JS.

This project involves colorizing objects based on Kuler Themes.


Sample of the js version: http://snorkl.tv/dev/kulerLooper/


In ActionScript I stored my color values in a massive array like this:



var kulers:Array = [
[0x468966, 0xFFF0A5, 0xFFB03B, 0xB64926, 0x8E2800],
[0x2E0927, 0xD90000, 0xFF2D00, 0xFF8C00, 0x04756F],
[0x96CA2D, 0xB5E655, 0xEDF7F2, 0x4BB5C1, 0x7FC6BC],
[0x225378, 0x1695A3, 0xACF0F2, 0xF3FFE2, 0xEB7F00],
[0xFFD393, 0x9C9B7A, 0xFFD393, 0xFF974F, 0xF54F29],
[0xF54F29, 0x1F8A70, 0xBEDB39, 0xFFE11A, 0xFD7400]


For people who have used Flash, the preceeding 0x will be familiar for hex numbers.

With css we need our colors formatted as strings "#FF0000" with the pound sign


Once I copied my array into my js file I realized that the formatting didn't work with css.

My array has literally hundreds of color values and I needed an easy way to convert them.


Just incase anyone finds themselves in a similar boat, I came across a color conversion function on stackoverflow : http://stackoverflow...ings-vice-versa which I trimmed down to the core functionality that I needed:


function parseColor(color) {

if (typeof color === 'number') {
	//make sure our hexadecimal number is padded out
	color = '#' + ('00000' + (color | 0).toString(16)).substr(-6);

return color;



to convert 0xFF000 to "#FF0000" simply do:


parseColor(0xFF000);  // returns "#FF0000";


I'm wondering if it makes sense to have the CSSPlugin detect 0x numbers and do the conversion behind the scenes? Or is it too much of an edge-case?


Either way, I hope others will find the function above helpful.



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You could just search/replace "#" for "0x" in your original code, although I guess you'd also need to surround the values in quotes. I can see the benefit of having CSSPlugin recognize those numeric values so I just posted a new version of CSSPlugin that should do it. Vwalla! Giver 'er a shot.

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yeah, after doing the find/replace surrounding the values in quotes was the troublesome part. Thanks for adding this feature. It worked great in my tests.

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