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Updating VideoLoader url

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Here's an easy one:


How do I update the url that a conditional statement determines?


What I have so far does not work:


var video:VideoLoader = new VideoLoader('', {name:"weatherVideo", container:mc_video, width:756, height:672, scaleMode:"proportionalInside", bgColor:0x000000, autoPlay:false, volume:0, estimatedBytes:75000});

if( condition == "Cloudy.png" ){
getVideos( 'video' );

function getVideos( url:String ):void {
video.getLoader( 'weatherVideo' ).url = url;

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video.getLoader( 'weatherVideo' ) 


is incorrect. since you know that video is the var that references your VideoLoader you can just use


video.url = url


getLoader() is a LoaderMax method. You could also do


LoaderMax.getLoader( ' weatherVideo' ).url = url


but I would stick with the first suggestion.


pls let me know if that works.



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