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ImageLoader sandbox error

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I'm experiencing a sandbox error when trying to load images is the ImageLoader. I understand why I'm getting the errors, The crossdomain is not under my control. I read in the documatation that;


"By default, the ImageLoader will attempt to load the image in a way that allows full script access. However, if a security error is thrown because the image is being loaded from another domain and the appropriate crossdomain.xml file isn't in place to grant access, the ImageLoader will automatically adjust the default LoaderContext so that it falls back to the more restricted mode which will have the following effect:"


I'm wondering is anyone know how to get around this, so I can load the image without a crossdomain file?

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Unfortunately, no - if there was a way to get around the crossdomain.xml restriction, it would circumvent the whole point of the security restriction :) I suppose you could implement a server-side workaround where you use a proxy script so that you request the image from YOUR domain and your server goes out, grabs the image from the other domain, and returns it from your own. I'm not a server-side guy, though, so I can't tell you exactly what the php/asp/cf code would look like.

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