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onCompleteListener throws error

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Hi Jack


Using onCompleteListener like code below throws error.

Am I doing something wrong?


Best regards HippieSvin


... by the way, using Cromebrowser, tried to attach the zippet .fla several times but got Error This upload failed...




import com.greensock.easing.*;
import com.greensock.plugins.*;
import com.greensock.TweenMax;
import com.greensock.TimelineMax;
import com.greensock.events.TweenEvent;

var mc:MovieClip = new TestMC(); this.addChild(mc);

trace(TweenMax.version); // TRACES 12

* VERSION: 12.0 beta 5.5
* DATE: 2012-05-25

TweenMax.from(mc, 1.0, {delay:0.5, x:"300",  ease:Back.easeOut, onCompleteListener:test});

//TweenMax.from(mc, 1.0, {delay:0.5, x:"300",  ease:Back.easeOut, onComplete:test});

function test(e:TweenEvent=null):void {




ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property split not found on builtin.as$0.MethodClosure and there is no default value.

at com.greensock::TweenLite/_initProps()

at com.greensock::TweenLite/_init()

at com.greensock::TweenMax/render()

at com.greensock::TweenLite()

at com.greensock::TweenMax()

at com.greensock::TweenMax$/from()

at TEST_OnCompleteListener_fla::MainTimeline/frame1()

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Thanks for pointing this out - it should be fixed in the latest beta.

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Downloaded latest version with the bugfix - works perfect - Thanks :)

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