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Can someone shed some light on the latest version of TweenProxy3D? We're not sure we have the latest version — there appears to be a few Dictionary items that are getting stuck in memory. Happy to share more details if need be.

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TweenProxy3D had a very minor update in January of this year. 0.951. Did you call destroy() on your TweenProxy3D instances when you're done with them?

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We're not — and I just saw that method, thanks for the quick response!


One more question though, I noticed another thread asking why TweenProxy3D wasn't compiled into the v11 SWC — it is compiled into the SWC we're using?

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Yeah, there's a bug in Adobe's compiler that prevents classes that use Vector3D (I think that was it) from being included in the .swc. So no, TweenProxy3D isn't in the swc. Sorry for the inconvenience. If anyone knows a workaround for that, please let me know.

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