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Playing a external SWF

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I'm using autoplay=false to load a swf using SWFLoader. As expected, the swf is stopped during the timeline.


Is there a way to make it play without knowing how many frames it has(without using the plugin "frame")?

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Sure, you can control the externally loaded swf just like a movie clip with the common stop() play() gotoAndPlay() commands.



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Thank you Carl. I think I not expressed myself correctly. Is there a way to use TweenLite to tween the Play ().


ex.: TweenLite.to (ball, 1, {play: 1});

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I am a bit confused by what you are asking. It sounds like the frame plugin is what you need to use. What exactly is preventing you from using it?

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I'll have many swfs and don't know how many frames each one has.

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oh ok, I understand. Good news for you.

you can use action script to determine how many frames your loaded swfs have.



trace( myVideoLoader.rawContent.totalFrames )


you can then use that value in your frame tween.

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