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jakie Nguyen

Got stuck when try to make TweenMax - glowFilter with Starling framework

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Hey every one, i'm newbie with Starling and greensock


I try to use Greensock with Starling but i find down there's some problem


When i try to make a glow filter with MovieClip of starling. i got this error


<B>ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property filters not found on starling.display.MovieClip and there is no default value.</B>


Here is the code


TweenMax.to(heroArt, 1, {glowFilter:{color:0x99cc33, alpha:1, blurX:30, blurY:30, strength:3}});


with heroArt is the MovieClip from starling.display.MovieClip


But if i use heroArt is flash.display.MovieClip, everything's okay.


So, how can we deal with that problem ?

I got stuck with Image too :(

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Sorry, I don't know how to do that with Startling.

The Starling MovieClip from my understanding doesn't support filters in addition to many of the properties of a standard MovieClip.



The GreenSock filter-related plugins are tailored for standard AS3 MovieClips and their native filter objects.

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