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American horizon

There are something strange while attempting to calculate coordinates of an MC during a tween

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Hi, i noted a strange phenomenon that can change my idea about how tweenmax works


I do a simple example


TweenMax.to(MC, 1, {y: 1000, onProgress: checkY()})

function checkY():void
  trace (MC.y)



Well, the trace return me always the same initial MC's Y coordinate, and not the updated position... Why ?

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I assume you meant "onUpdate" instead of "onProgress", right?


And the reason you're only seeing the initial value is because you put "()" after your function reference which calls it immediately (that's just how ActionScript works - it has nothing to do with TweenMax).



TweenMax.to(MC, 1, {y: 1000, onProgress: checkY()})


TweenMax.to(MC, 1, {y: 1000, onUpdate: checkY})

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Umh, for a personal culture, what the difference from calling a function with brackets and without it?

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When you use the parenthesis() it tells the function to run immediately.


The reason why you don't use the parenthesis inside the tween is because you are just passing in a reference to the name of the function you want TweenLite to use when the tween is running.


Does that help?



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