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LoaderMax and %APPDATA% via SWF Studio Pro?

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Hey, guys, here's what's going on:


I'm using SWF Studio Pro to augment my SWF and create a folder in the user's %APPDATA% directory on a Windows machine. That all works like it should.


The problem, however, is when I attempt to load an XML file saved to the user's local machine: when my EXE is first run, it copies an XML file to %APPDATA%\pathname\filename.xml Because I won't know what the users' names are, how can I tell LoaderMax to look in said folder?


SWF Studio Pro uses what it called "monikers" that get resolved to the actual paths required, so for example when I type "appdata://pathname/filename.xml", the program sees "C:\Users\Blake\AppData\Roaming\pathname\filename.xml"


LoaderMax is, understandably, having trouble (that is, it's not) resolving the full appdata path. Any thoughts on how to solve this problem? Thanks!

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I'm a moron: SWF Studio Pro also includes strings like ssGlobals.ssAppDataDir that solve my problem.


Too many help files to read and not enough common sense to read them! Ack! :oops:

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Thanks for letting us know that you solved things. This thread might be useful for someone else down the road who is trying to do the same thing.

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