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What to tween as an argument

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I'm not sure if this question is more related to greensock or to action script 3 in general, but it is related to working with greensock libraries so I think somebody may gain something from it if I ask it here.


Is it possible to give as an argument not only how to tween, but also what to tween? To show what I mean by using pseudocode:


var name = x;
var value = 100;
var pair = name:value;

TweenMax.to(object, 1, { pair });


Is something like that somehow possible?



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I think this is what you're looking for:


var vars:Object = {}; //this will eventually hold our name/value pair
var name:String = "x";
var value:Number = 100;

vars[name] = value;
TweenMax.to(object, 1, vars);

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Thank you very much, I was looking just for that :) .

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