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Persist a timeline

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Is there a way to persist and restore a Timeline, something like the XML methods in the TransformManager? Or is this a feature that might be considered?

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One of the design goals with the tweening platform was to keep it as lightweight as possible while also making it very robust. Frankly I don't think many people want to record timeline data as XML, so it would be difficult for me to justify all the extra kb it would take to implement serializing and deserializing timeline data like that, plus you'd have the problem of needing a way to associate Strings with actual objects at runtime which often don't have instance names. You could certainly create an external tool that would save/restore timeline data if you want, but I don't think it should be baked into the core of the engine. See what I mean?


There aren't any plans right now to implement a feature like this, but it could happen in the future sometime :)

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