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Delete textField with TransformManager?

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Hey and thanks in advance to anybody who can help - I just want the Delete key to work for deleting textFields that have the TransformManager applied to them.


I have hasSelectableText set to false, but the fields still won't delete properly. They have no selectable text in them either. Is there some other setting I've missed? I've also had no luck scaling them - where the TEXT actually scales too - as just scaling the invisible field is of no use to me.


manager4 = new TransformManager({targetObjects:[theWord], allowMultiSelect:true, handleSize:6, lineColor:0xCDD7F5, hasSelectableText:false, paddingForRotation:24, lockScale:true, allowDelete:true, hideCenterHandle:true, autoDeselect:true });

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The easiest solution would be to simply wrap your TextField in a Sprite :)

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thanks Jack - worked perfect. Setting the autosize to "center" was also key to getting the words to center properly in the sprites. The TransformManager has worked wonders for me - thanks again for the sweet script :)

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