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invisible corner buttons??

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OK, I have the Transform Manager implemented into my project pretty well, but there is one last little thing is driving me CRAZY!! I've been working on it for a while and can't quite fix it, so I need some help!


Part of my application uses the Transform Manager in a rather locked down state. I am using it here mainly for it's group move + bound constrain capabilities. This works great. The issue is that I want the handles hidden, but for some reason I am getting interference with what I assume is a remnant of the corner (rotation) handle.


Here are the settings I am using

manager.constrainScale = true;

manager.hideCenterHandle = true;

manager.forceSelectionToFront = false;

manager.autoDeselect = false;

manager.arrowKeysMove = true;

manager.handleSize = 0;

manager.lockScale = true;

manager.lockRotation = true;

(note: manager.bounds are set elsewhere)


OK, to explain this better... when I have to objects that are very close, and I select one, when I mouse over the other one that is close to it, the mouse cursor changes into a generic arrow when in the corner region (outside the box) of the selected object, but when you move a little outside the corner region then it turns into the arrows move icon for that other object.


So, the invisible corner/rotation or whatever it is object is NOT desired to show up or be functional, and yet something on the corners it is causing mouse over issues on other non-selected objects that are near the corner regions. The main problem is you can't select the other objects if your mouse is over this area that is being blocked by the rotation handle or whatever it is.


Any help here? I tried messing with some stuff in the redrawHandles() function of the "corner" if statement, but it didn't seem to have any effect on my issue.

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Man, this is hilarious, go figure. I post at the end of the day, having given up. Then I try one more thing and it works! If you have handle size = 0, then this can be used to totally kill the handles...


Placed at the end of the if (_handles.type == "corner") {


if(_handleSize == 0) {
					//kill ALL the handles!!!
					s.visible = false;
					r.visible = false;
					s.mouseChildren = false;
					r.mouseChildren = false;

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