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Yes, the first official announcement was here:

http://www.greensock.com/flash-html5/ (at the very end).


It will be released with the official release of v12 of the GreenSock Animation Platform.

Your best way to stay up to date with GreenSock announcements and even get pre-release access to the tools is to sign up to be a v12 beta tester, which is an opportunity afforded to ALL Club GreenSock Members. http:www.greensock.com/club


Currently testers have access to the AS3/AS2 flavors of GAP and are having a lot of fun discussing the features in the v12 forum.


Currently there is no set date on the release of the JS version, but it is well underway and performing swimmingly.

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Absolutely! It's almost ready for heading into beta with Club GreenSock members. Very exciting. And from a test I whipped together comparing it to some other JS engines out there (like jQuery), it's VERY fast. Plus you can do a lot more with it than any of the other engines I've seen. Same syntax. Stay tuned. If you're a member, you should be getting an e-mail in the next few weeks about joining the beta.


And as Carl mentioned, the next version of the AS3/AS2 flavor of the animation platform has been in beta for weeks. Seems to be working like a champ thus far. I'm planning to release v12 all together, including AS2, AS3, and JS.


I think you're gonna really like what's coming.

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Hello I just purchased a corporate license.I'm excited waiting for version 12.

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