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TweenMax inside TimeLineMax tween is instant.

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For some reason this:


tl.append(new TweenMax (this, 1, {red:127, green:50, blue:25, onUpdate:goDMX, ease:Linear.easeNone}));


doesn't take a second to tween the variables, instead it's instant. The goDMX function only traces once also, instead of the many times I'd expect. The red green and blue vars are generic public number variables.


Can somebody please point out the obvious mistake I can't see!



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Have you set useFrames = true ?

That would make the duration be 1 frame instead of 1 second long.



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Yeah, it sure sounds like the timeline you're appending the tween to has useFrames set to true. If not, would you mind posting a very simple FLA (zip it first) that demonstrates the issue?

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I'll post the rest of the code tomorrow when I'm back at work, but it's a standard timeline. I think it's a ropey fla because it doesn't happen on other projects, using identical code. I guess the rumour of fla files going bad sometimes is true. :)

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