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Does clearing listeners from ImageLoaders optimise performance?

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If I load lots of ImageLoaders via a LoaderMax queue.



var queue = new LoaderMax({name:"mainQueue",onProgress:progressHandler,onComplete:completeHandler});


for(...) {


var _loader = new ImageLoader(_media_url+".jpg", {name:_media_url, container:this, width:100, height:100, scaleMode:"stretch", onComplete:completeHandler});



queue.append( _loader );



Is my code more efficient/optimised if I remove all listeners from all ImageLoaders or does it not make any difference if I just leave them there?


I had an idea of creating a new bitmap of the loaded content and then using dispose(true) for all the ImageLoaders. Would that be more efficient than just keeping the ImageLoaders as they are?





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I suppose that would be a bit more efficient, but I really doubt you'd notice much difference. It isn't as though LoaderMax is a memory hog. And your listeners will only fire when they're necessary, so if you've got onComplete listeners in place, it isn't as though they keep draining CPU cycles after you've loaded your file(s). But yes, it's always a good practice to clean up after yourself.

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