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Tweening Like windows 8 Metro Interface

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I received a demand for an animation similar to opening a windows 8 metro application.


Basically, when you click on the tile, it is enlarged and distorted, enlarging the right part before the left.


See the file (print screen) or the youtube example (

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That looks like just a matter of tweening the object's rotationY property (while also tweening z or scaleX/scaleY). I assume you're publishing to FP10 or later, right?

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Yes, I'll publish in FP 11.


I've tried to use rotationY, but don't know scale z, i'll try this one. thanks

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To make a smooth transition, I have to start the back of "z" and "rotationY" before the first animation is complete. But doing it, when I backwards the timeline, the 'movieclip' remains fuzzy (don't back "z" and "rotationY" to "0")


When clicked:


TweenLite.to(box, 0.4, { z:160, scalex:4, scaleY:4, rotationY:30 } )

TweenLite.to(box, 0.7, { z:0, scalex:4, scaleY:4, rotationY:0 , delay:0.2} )

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