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imageLoader and bitmap dispose

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i've a little question about loadermax and bitmap dispose.


i create an image galerie


I load an image width an Imageloader instance with cahce (noCache:false).

when i change to another project, i clear all my previous image with bitmapdata.dispose()


this work well, but when i came back on a previous project my image doesn't appear, as loaderImage doesn't recreate a bitmapData instance...


any idea or solution ?



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i'm having difficulty following your question.


i would suggest instead of calling BitmapData.dispose() that you use the LoaderCore's unload() method


http://www.greensock.com/as/docs/tween/ ... ml#unload()


it sounds like you are bypassing the ImageLoaders built-in mechanisms for getting rid of content and thus the ImageLoader isn't aware that the bitmapdata has been removed.


i think you want to unload() and load() your ImageLoaders and not dispose of the bitmap data. I could be wrong.

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Ho yes !

i totally forget this method

thanks a lot

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