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Horizontal image scroller with Green Sock?

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I would like to find out if it is possible to build the horizontal image scroller with LoaderMax vs. UILoader.

Please let me know if there is a tutorial on how to build a horizontal image scroller (probably with an xml file) using green sock features

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LoaderMax only handles the loading of images.


From the learning resources page, their is a full xml image gallery with scrolling thumbnails (based on mouse position). all the source code is included.



finding exactly what you want already built for you may be difficult, but there are plenty of resources and tutorials out there for creating xml galleries.


for the mouse-based scrolling there are many ways to do that. look around here:

https://www.google.com/search?sourceid= ... ion+scroll

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This is great, exactly what I need.

It would be better for my understanding of what I am implementing if there is a tutorial which guides me on building this image scroll from ground up.

Is there such a thing for this LoaderMax based image scroll which you have forwarded to me?

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sorry I don't know of a tutorial that discusses all those concepts.


if you google "as3 oop xml gallery" you will find a lot of different ways to handle the various components of a gallery. obviously I am partial to using LoaderMax for all loading, but there are still many concepts that you can learn from tutorials that don't use loadermax such as:


how to structure the code, display thumbnails in a grid, create a scrolling list of thumbnails, add interactivity etc.

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Thanks, Carl.

Your help and answers are always valuable to me. Even if they don't resolve my issues directly your steering in the right direction provides a lot of help.

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Yeah, late to the thread, I know. But sometimes these come up in searches in Google for people wanting to now how to make something like an image gallery.


So, here is a full image scroller tutorial using AS3, not using Greensock though, and instead using straight XML file instead of LoaderMax to load. Working with it a bit, It can likely be converted to Greensock.



It may give you many of the basics of creating an image gallery from scratch, and is very in-depth with the details and source files. Cheers!

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Appreciate your input. I actually found this tutorial as well, it seems to be the only one available on the topic. I studied it and was able to accomplish everything I was supposed to with successful modifications of transitions with TweenMax.

The main thing I was not able to do was to figure out how to load swf files instead of jpg files into the small thumbnail scroll and make those swf files to load bigger swf versions into the swf loader on the same page. I guess this is where I meet my limit of AS3

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