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orientToBezier in Starling frameworkd

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I have worked with TweenMax in Starling framework and it all worked very good except option orientToBezier which gave strange results like fast random spinning of starling object during tweening.


Example of code is:

TweenMax.to(_starlingSprite, 20, {bezierThrough:[{x:1350, y:500}, {x:550, y:1000}, {x:1250, y:1500}],delay:5, orientToBezier:true});


Do you have idea why orientToBezier doesn't work right with Starling or maybe what to do to make it work right?

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Any chance you could post an FLA along with the starling files, etc. so that I can just publish on my end and see the issue? I'm just SUPER swamped right now and this would allow me to get you an answer quicker.

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Was this problem ever get resolved? The same thing is happening to me.


I have a simple Starling sprite and I am calling...


TweenMax.to(mc, 3, {bezier:[{x:209, y:126}, {x:149, y:348}, {x:300, y:345}], orientToBezier:true});


... same result, the Sprite spins really fast around its pivot point and not the path.





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