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Better Selection Control

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I am trying to manually handle certain selecting. I need to be able to run some logic before a selection is made to determine if an object should be selected or another action should take place.


For example, I have an Image that can be transformed. The Image has it's own Buttons that can handle mouse events. If a user clicks on one of these elements I do not want the element to be selected, but have the event fire from the Button. If the user clicks on the Image I would like it to be selected.

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There are many ways you could handle this:


1) Listen for each TransformItem's SELECT event. Run your logic in that handler. Deselect it if necessary.


2) Add a MOUSE_UP listener to your DisplayObject(s) with a low priority (so that it gets called AFTER TransformManager's listeners). Run your logic in there. Again, toggle the selected property if you need to.


3) Listen for the TransformManager's SELECTION_CHANGE event. If the TransformManager's "selectedItems" array is populated, you know something was just selected, and you can run your logic.


Does that help?

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