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Drag to garbage to delete item?

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Hello and sorry as this is the kind of question where you are asking somebody to do your coding for you... (sheepish look...)


I've got a delete all thing working fine - although since I move my mc's once they are dragged onto the stage, I found it easier to just get the numChildren of that mc and remove them that way.


But for my "delete just this 1 thing" setup - what I'd really love is to add a little garbage can that the child can drag the items into - that way I can add a fun little sound or something, and kids are pretty familiar with this type of setup for deletion. I see I'll have to use a hitTest or collision detection - but if anybody has done this and has an exact piece of code that works with the TransformManager - I'd be really thankful!!

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You could just listen for TransformEvent.FINISH_INTERACTIVE_MOVE events and do a hitTest() or hitTestPoint() there.

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