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[Flex] linecolor and lineThickness does not seem

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TransformManager's linecolor and lineThickness does not seem to assets from SWF ?


                       private var manager:TransformManager;
		private var newMc:MovieClip;			
		private var myAreaMc:MovieClip;

		private function addBtn():void
			newMc=new MovieClip();
		private function rectSwfLoaded():void
			manager=new TransformManager({allowDelete: true});
			myAreaMc = myArea.content as MovieClip;



sorry for bad eng

thanks for help...

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I didn't quite understand your question. Could you send me a very simple Flex project that clearly demonstrates the problem? Either PM me a link or e-mail it to me. No need to include the GreenSock source files.


Please make sure you are using the latest version of TransformManager/FlexTransformManager too.

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