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Tweening Half The Distance.

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I always use this little trick, that simulates easing:


private function onEnterFrame(e:Event)


var startRotationY = boxContainer.rotationY;

var startRotationX = boxContainer.rotationX;


var destRotationY = -boxContainer.mouseX/80;

var destRotationX = boxContainer.mouseY/80;



boxContainer.rotationY += (destRotationY - startRotationY)/2

boxContainer.rotationX += (destRotationX - startRotationX)/2





What is the best way to achieve this effect with TweenMax?



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keep in mind what you are doing isn't really a tween. A tween typically has a duration, start value and end value.


the motion you are creating has a duration that is virtually infinite (depending on how long the user is moving the mouse) and the end values can change many times.


I would suggest starting with just a few simple tweens and find the easing equation that suits your needs.


TweenMax.to(boxContainer, .5, {rotationX:destRotationX, rotationY:destRotationY, ease:Quint.easeOut}) 

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