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ImageLoader ScaleMode

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With the scaleModes, if your container is square but your loaded images are not, is there a simple way to crop them? I have tried all the scaling modes and all behave as expected, so I'm guessing not. I was thinking of loading each image into a sprite with a mask before placing it on the stage to act as a cropping method, but wanted to ask before I committed the time.


Thanks :)

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Absolutely. Just set the scaleMode to "proportionalOutside" and set crop to true.


var l:ImageLoader = new ImageLoader("1.jpg", {scaleMode:"proportionalOutside", crop:true});


It's all in the ASDocs - have you seen those? That wasn't meant as a jab at all; I just want to make sure you know about them because they can be super helpful in understanding what's possible, what properties/methods are available, etc. http://greensock.com/as/docs/tween/_loadermax.html

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Jab away, I'm immune to it :-)


I have read them, they are very good. However, one thing they don't mention is if any Greensock class misbehaves, uninstall CS5.5 and go back to 5! So many problems just solved. :-)

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