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Loading many types of content.

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After lots of very fun fiddling with LoaderMax it's time to build something real. I have a need to display many types of content (images, custom nested movieclip, SWF, video player etc into an app, each to be treated as a separate page which you flick through. That's all fine and dandy, I can cope with all of that. What I need to know is is my thought process for the loading correct?


I was thinking of loading in the XML, and running it through a loop. For each of the items (for example, I haven't started so all this is made up) I'd check the type and then run a switch or conditional. If content is SWF for example it would use a SWF loader and pass that thing onto he stage or wherever it ends up. If it's MC it would use then run through all the sub0tags and fill an instance of that custom movieclip with the content.


Is that a sensible way, or should I look into using LoaderMax in the XML file itself?


The content will be updated by non-programmers, who are used to seeing basic XML but nothing more than a bunch of human readable tags with words or a URL in-between.


I'm really looking forward to tackling this. Although I'm still very new to Flash and have only 5 days to get this built. :s



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either way is absolutely fine, but I think there is a stronger case to use an XMLLoader as:


-the xml can be fairly stripped down and clean, but you have the option to make it as verbose and feature-packed as you like.

-the media type is automatically detected

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You mean the default built-in Flash XMLLoader?


OK, I'll take a look into that.


Thank you.

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