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Autosizing TextArea

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I do have editable TextAreas on my screens. The user can input text, change format etc. and drag and place it anywhere on the screen. New position and styles are being saved.

As it is no problem for the user to change the textfield size via TransformManager handles, it would be nice to see the box resize dynamically while typing in width and on 'return-key' in heigth.


But more important, I'd like to see the box around the textArea resized according to the content when a instance is redrawn to the stage. Now I always have the default height and width horizontal and vertical scrollbars. I don't necessarly want to save the width/height of the TextArea.


How can this be done. Is there a autosize possibilty with TransformManager?

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No, unfortunately that has nothing to do with TransformManager. You probably could add a listener to the TextField to find out when the user typed something and then run your own resizing logic as necessary and just make sure you updateSelection() the TransformManager so that it resizes its box/handles accordingly when you manually change the size of your TextArea.

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