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TweenMax is turning off alpha fades

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Here is my code:


TweenLite.to(dragonfly_mc, 1.2, { x:800+dragonfly_mc.width, visible:1, ease:Linear.easeNone });
		// ...then fade in the background...
		background_mc.alpha = 0;
		TweenLite.to(background_mc, 1.6, { alpha:1, visible:1, ease:Expo.easeIn });
		// logo
		logo_mc.alpha = 0;
		TweenLite.to(logo_mc, 0.5, { alpha:1, visible:1, delay:1.6, ease:Linear.easeNone });

		// bring in the symbols in animated sequence
		var i:Number;
		var L:Number = 3 * 5;
		for(i=0; i				var Clip = this["sym" + i];
			Clip.scaleX = Clip.scaleY = 0;
			TweenLite.to(Clip, 0.6, { scaleX:1, scaleY:1, visible:1, delay:1.6 + (i * 0.1), ease:Expo.easeOut });
		// slide in the win leaf
		totalwin_mc.visible = true;
		TweenLite.from(totalwin_mc, 0.8, { x:800, delay:2+(i*0.1), ease:Elastic.easeOut, onComplete:showInstructions });


The above fades and tweens everything in beautifully. But when I add the following line after the last one, all the fade-ins don't work anymore. Even the scaled in tweens don't work. Everything just pops in.

TweenMax.to(logo_mc, 2, { y:"-20", yoyo:1, repeat:-1, delay:10, ease:Sine.easeInOut, overwrite:0 }); // "float" the logo


I tried changing everything to TweenMax with the exact same results. What is going on?

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** If I move the TweenMax line so that it executes after everything else has completed, then it all works.

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by looking at your code nothing weird jumps out at me and it is very strange that a tween on logo_mc would effect other tweens on other objects.


if your current solution is not suitable please upload a file that simply illustrates the problem an we will take a look at it.



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Yeah, I'm pretty sure there must be something else going on in your code that's causing the issue - would you please post an FLA that we can publish to see what's going on? (don't forget to zip it before posting here). I'm very curious to see this behavior replicated.

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