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blitmask and blurtween

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I try to use blitmask with motionBlur and it's not doing the work :(


this line is working with the blitmask - TweenMax.fromTo(this,0.7, {y:this.y}, {y:this.y - 150,ease:CustomEase.byName("myCustomEase")}));

this line dont work with the blitmask - TweenMax.fromTo(this, 0.2, {y:-700}, {y:0,repeat:2, ease:Linear.easeNone,motionBlur:{strength:1, fastMode:true, padding:15}}));


when it's dosent work I see all the strip and not just the part under the blitmask.


What can I do??

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Yep, motionBlur must create a completely separate Sprite into which it draws the blurred image which it positions underneath the original (whose alpha gets set to 0). So it makes sense that if your BlitMask's target is the original (not the Sprite motionBlur creates), it wouldn't apply to the copy.


Just make sure bitmapMode is false when you're doing that tween - that way, motionBlur will copy the mask property of the original. Plus, there's really no benefit to using BlitMask with a motionBlurred object because it'd need to keep recapturing the bitmap on every frame to be accurate.

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