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How to stop the process while moving to another section"

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I have the following code on Home Page which contains some tween animations. When I move to About page and immediately come back to Home page again (before all the animations on Home Page done animation), I see some animations are still in the middle of completion. Actually I should see the animation from starting when I go to Home page from any section.


var timeline3:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax();
timeline3.append(TweenMax.fromTo(Home_mc, 1, {x:1000, y:0, alpha:.8}, {x:0, y:0, alpha:1, delay:.5, ease:Elastic.easeOut}));

timeline3.append(TweenMax.fromTo(Home_mc.Character_mc, .5, {x:435, y:-600, alpha:.8}, {x:435, y:200, alpha:1, delay:0, ease:Regular.easeOut}));
timeline3.append(TweenMax.fromTo(Home_mc.Birds_mc, .5, {x:660, y:600, alpha:.8}, {x:660, y:200, alpha:1, delay:0, ease:Regular.easeOut}));


How to solve this problem?


Please help.

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you can set the timeline back to the beginning by using




to play from the beginnning








to stop the timeline where it is use



please read section called Public Methods in the TimelineMax documentation:


http://www.greensock.com/as/docs/tween/ ... neMax.html

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I tried it. But still the animation won't stop. If I wait for all the animations stop and then clicking on second time, it's okay.



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